BBLS is the original and still #1 harem mod for Skyrim.  It is a place where you invite all your favorite waifus (and/or guys) to live.

This mod is the reason most people know me in the Skyrim community.  It is the product of many thousands of hours and I’m not done yet.

  • “Migal I got to say your outfit manager is bad ascii, love it, really impressive.” -CEO 0S
  • “LOVING the outfit changer room! So easy to use and makes proper follower dress for all occasions much simpler and quicker.” -Taerie
  • “Just began using the newest version, 6.1, and I have to say … I don’t know how you do it but you always make perfect better. I can’t believe the amount of thought and effort placed into this mod. I loved the older version, but this version blows it away.” -cortex56
  • “Endorsed ages ago. In fact, this was the first mod I endorsed. Thanks for keeping it updated too.” -elrofrost
  • “I found this mod when it was first posted to the Nexus and have been using it ever since. Hard to believe you could make something so good, that much better!” -Dragonfire12
  • “Been using the Luxury Suite for some time. In fact, can’t ever see playing Skyrim without it. Love the current edition and all that it has added.” -PhilipR
  • “I love the new version even more than the old, which I have been using for years.” -Aragingmonk
  • “Thank you for the Live Another Life extension, so we can start our game in the Suite.” -DragonStar99
  • “Thanks for your hard work. I tried playing a new game without it, but it’s just not the same.” -Colinpark

Skyrim Special Edition
BBLS for SE is currently hosted on LoversLab and Nexus.

Skyrim Limited Edition
PapyrusUtils LE
to move children into residence:
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

BBLS LE final Nexus version 6.1
Install first!


BBLS LE Final Nexus Patch version 6.21
Install second and overwrite!
Bug fixes!


ASLAL Patch version 1.0 for Arthmoor’s Live Another Life


Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite LE version 1.51
Adds music and dancing to BBLS.  Can replace the music with your own if you like.  Ask NPCs to do a dance and then sync them together.  NPCs at BBLS will dance on tables and the main bar.


BBLS Exterior Cell patch
Install this and put it near the bottom of your load order to compensate with conflicting mods that alter the BBLS exterior cell.



Note:  Not all features are available in the LE version, which I stopped working on after SE was released.

The Suite is located across the road from BattleBorn Farm, outside Whiterun.

  • Indoor baths, outdoor pool, and hot tub with auto-stripping and redressing.
  • Stripping can be enabled/disabled via the MCM included in the BBLS SKSE64 Patch, which is required for the really cool stuff and apartment wing.
  • This mod adds more Face Lights to the game than all other FaceLight mods combined. More on that below.
  • Comes with seven bartender/innkeeper NPCs and one guard, plus OMB.  The seven NPCs can be either male or female.  You select which.
  • The above default NPCs can be replaced by followers of your choosing by disabling default NPCs in the MCM and then offering their jobs to followers or marriage prospects.  The default NPCs will leave and visit later as customers.
  • NPC outfit control dialogue, affording the ability to assign any uniquely-named non-enemy NPC any vanilla outfit. This isn’t a hack. They are outfits made in the CK and they stick to the NPC, they don’t revert to something else when not following and changing cells.
  • Custom outfit control rooms allowing 35 outfits you design using custom armor mods to be included in outfit assignment dialogue.
  • Synergy with Migal’s Daily Wear, allowing over a thousand additional Daily Wear outfit combinations to be included in outfit assignment dialogue. The Migal’s Daily Wear plugin does not have to be enabled. It just needs to exist in your Data folder so BBLS knows it is installed.
  • This mod is where you’ll find the Apachii NPC, the female model in the screenshots for Apachii’s hair. She is a Suite customer. You can invite her to become a part-time bartender and then perform a small quest that allows you to invite her to permanently live in the Suite. If you hug her, you will sometimes hear your hand slapping her backside. This is something grown-ups sometimes do. It is for fun.
  • OStim Voice Packs (requires OStim – optional)
  • This mod will detect Flower Girls and cede stripping priority to FG in order to avoid conflicts in beds and baths.
  • This mod’s NPCs come with Apachii hair and advanced AI, perks, and spells.  However, the NPCs use your skin and body mods.
  • Can create FaceLights for almost a hundred BBLS-related and vanilla NPCs without using another FaceLight mod’s slots, which you can also use.
  • The ability to set NPCs to share your bed on a rotating basis, without being your spouse. This is known as “bed-sharing” and can be disabled in the MCM.
  • All NPCs that come with BBLS are followers and can be married, except Heiress Pilton, a customer who exists primarily for you to ignore, just because it feels good.
  • If BBLS detects Migal’s Daily Wear, disabling stripping will cause female players and NPCs to wear swimsuits in the baths and undies in the beds.
  • Outhouses and bathrooms.
  • Guardhouse, where a Whiterun Guard named Hreiri Soltik will eventually live. She is a Suite customer who starts visiting after you are level 20. You must have a speech skill above level 30 in order to offer her the job.
  • Hug dialogue, “Someone needs a hug.”
  • Kiss dialogue, “Someone needs a kiss.”  (requires OStim – optional)
  • Spanking dialogue, “Someone needs a spanking.”  (requires OStim – optional)
  • Bathe command. (tell an NPC to bathe)
  • Bed-warming command. (tell an NPC to go to a double bed)
  • Mod exclusive sleep buff.  The Playa buff is a result of you sleeping with someone other than your spouse in a BBLS master bed.
  • Followers, Hirelings, and NPC marriage prospects can be invited to live in the Suite (25 slots) via dialogue option.
  • Apartment wing with 10 additional invite slots.
  • Includes a separate Residence building that is Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions compatible. Serana or Karliah can be invited to live either there or in the Suite’s main building. If you invite one of them to live in the Residence while you are married to someone else and your spouse lives in the Residence, they will get jealous and eventually leave. If your spouse does not live in the Residence or you are a single parent, they will sleep in the Residence master bed (your bed) every night, essentially acting like a spouse, whether you have bed-sharing enabled or not. If Karliah lives in the Residence and you invite Serana to live in the Residence, Karliah will automatically move into the main building and vice versa.
  • Vanilla and custom followers can be offered the jobs of Residence caretaker or Residence guard. These NPCs will stop your children from sneaking over to the main building’s rear deck where they could spy on naked adults swimming and bathing. The caretaker will otherwise cook and clean. The guard will guard the Residence exterior.
  • Extensions allow certain BBLS features to be extended to various vanilla locations via MCM, including the hiring of caretakers for player homes, and two research assistants for the Arch-Mage’s Quarters.  These employees are governed by the stripping and bed-sharing options in the MCM, just like all other invite slots (except Serana and Karliah’s Residence slots which always bed-share).
  • Three custom spells:  Far Grip (Pulls an NPC to you — terrific for fixing a stuck follower), Resurrection, and Teleport: Luxury Suite. Available from the BBLS bartenders/innkeepers, except the teleport spell, which comes from a being described below.
  • Functional income-generating customer system incorporating approximately 100 vanilla NPCs from all over Skyrim, plus NPCs that come with BBLS.
  • Ethereal energy being lives in the basement with a lore-friendly backstory (teleportation system).
  • Perk-sensitive target dummies that give you skill XP when you use them but aren’t cheats. You’ll have to work to level on these dummies. Note: These dummies also recognize shield bash and destruction magic attacks.
  • Cheat chests in the basement (one with all vanilla and DLC spell books, one with all vanilla skill-up books).  Can be disabled in Settings.
  • Cheat buttons in the basement (ingots, soul gems, leather, potions).
  • NPC stats display (also displays the number of invite slots available) — this dialogue and the two below are primarily so you can learn what type of armor an NPC should be wearing.
  • NPC perks display
  • NPC spells display
  • Standard abode mod stuff (weapon racks, chests, dozens of beds, crafting stations, etc…).
  • This mod does not alter any vanilla game assets other than its wilderness cell and the Blue Palace chef’s sleep AI because a bug can cause him to sleep with Elisif.  It is clean and attempting to clean it further makes it susceptible to landscaping conflicts.  NOTE:  Don’t trust LOOT on my mods.  Trust me!  Also, don’t listen to anyone tell you plugins should never have ITM (identical-to-master) records.  These individuals clearly lack the understanding of what it takes to make a mod like BBLS where there will always be other mods altering its exterior cell and so there must but ITM records in an additional slave plugin (BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp).  The “ENM” stands for exterior navmesh, because I don’t want other mods breaking my navmesh!

Installation instructions for SE
1. Install main BBLS mod. BBLuxurySuite.esm and BBluxurySuiteENM.esp must both be enabled.

2. Install SKSE SE

3. Install SkyUI

4. Install PapyrusUtil SE and tell it to overwrite because you may have installed a mod that comes with an outdated version of it.

5. Install the BBLS SKSE64 Patch (download page here), tell it to overwrite, and put it near the bottom of your load order.

6. Install Extensions WooHoo Patch (Optional) (download page here) and place it below/after BBLS_SKSE64_Patch.esp in your load order.

7. Install Live Another Life Extension for BBLS SE (Optional). Its BBLS-ASLAL.esp plugin can go above BBLS_SKSE64_Patch.

9. Install Migal’s Daily Wear (Optional). It is not necessary to enable the Daily Wear plugin in your load order. BBLS hunts for the textures and nif files and does not need the plugin.

10. Install Daily Wear Extras (Optional) Just textures. It has no plugin.

Play the game. Give it a few minutes to update the MCM menu.

– AFT is probably okay, but you should use either the BBLS outfit dialogues or AFT’s outfit system.  Using both might produce unpredictable results.
– I believe both EFF and NFF are okay but as with AFT you want to make sure you don’t make MCM settings between mods conflict.
– Followers Can Relax:  This mod will not cause serious issues like a crash, but it does more than let followers use furniture while waiting for you to start moving again.  It’s the more that causes minor conflicts.
– Immersive AI:  This mod breaks the way BBLS NPCs are supposed to behave. For example, it won’t let you choose between beauties or beefcake.
– My Home Is Your Home:  Great mod.  I’ve used it myself on many play-throughs before I created the BBLS Extension system.  However, it will cause minor conflicts (AI collisions) if you use it in a BBLS building or BBLS extension.  You don’t need to use it with BBLS buildings or BBLS extensions.  Both come with invite slots to make NPCs live there and they’ll have more advanced AI than MHIYH can provide.
– Almost any mod that alters a vanilla BBLS Extension location (for example, a Breezehome remodel) will conflict with the Extension for that vanilla location without a patch.  It’s not likely to cause a crash but it will definitely break the Extension in terms of bed-stripping, bed-sharing, and probably AI.  When using such a mod, you should disable the corresponding Extension in the BBLS MCM.

Whiterun Riverside Expansion
100 percent incompatible. This mod completely overwrites the BBLS exterior cell and all surrounding cells.

Rich Skyrim Merchants
This mod can break BBLS merchants/innkeepers by forcing them to have too much gold.  BBLS innkeepers come with 11,000.  The limit for a merchant is 32,000.  If it goes over the limit, the merchant will stop giving you gold when buying things from you.  However, there is another mod somewhere on Nexus that raises the limit, making this mod compatible.

Castle Volkhar Rebuilt
Causes inviting Serana to live in the Suite or Residence to fail but is otherwise fine.

Instant Container Access
This mod breaks BBLS custom outfit chests.

Any mod that tries to use the same wilderness cell in Tamriel will obviously be incompatible.

There is a compatibility patch for The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold mod by Ro84 that would otherwise place trees where the Suite goes. Note that if you use this patch, BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp must go below WhiterunHoldForest.esp in your load order.


Do not upload this mod or its contents to another site without permission.  If I see this mod on or Steam, or Nexus, I will cut you.  Do not include this mod’s custom 3D models in your own mods without permission. This mod is not public domain. You are welcome to explore it to try to figure out how I’ve done things. You are also welcome to create add-ons for this mod by using BBLuxurySuite.esm as a master file in the CK. Just don’t redistribute this mod or its assets.  And remember, 10 years on, I am still developing this mod.  Don’t assume I’ll never change it again unless I announce it first.

No Commercial Use (Added 2015-04-27)
This mod is free-to-play but is not for commercial use
You may not publish for gain mods that contain assets copied from this one


SKSE64 Patch Version 2.0 Painting Contributors:
Van Gogh, Cole, Kinkade, Monet, Previtali, Bryullof, Raphael, trustypilot284, Green, Big Hat Man, starkhark, QueenAwesomeUniverseRuler, Smokeybear187,
arancia1535, JoanaVan, GTXfan.

OMB, APACHII, Urshi, Ran46, Nevenbridge, Navatsea, Mrpwn, Schlangster, BrideOfMigal, Sairon, CEO, XiderPunk, all for contributing in one way or another.
PapyrusUtil – ExiledViper, meh321
The SKSE team
Zilav and team for SSEedit.  What would we do without this guy?
tktk for inventing FaceLight


Thanks to Bethesda
Thanks to Aanascent for the Music
Thanks to Apachii for her hard work and for being a big part of this mod.
Thanks to Brideofmigal (my wife), who made the original male faces and is the Bride of Migal’s voice.
Thanks to Urshi for making Eraamion and Soren’s faces and including his own character.
Thanks to NosRhyfelwr and ttomwv for inspiration.
Thanks to Tikky for moderating questions here for years.
Thanks to OMB, who not only moderated but eventually worked on BBLS with me, before finally retiring from modding.
Thanks to mrpwn and Schlangster for UILib.
Thanks to ExiledViper and meh321 for giving us improved Papyrus functionality.
Thanks to this mod’s loyal users. You are the reason BBLS Is the most downloaded player home in Nexus history.

Do not upload this mod to another site without my permission.