Skyrim, where the men are strapping and the women are petite.

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Smaller Women with female Orc walk fix


Smaller Women without female Orc walk fix


This mod causes women in Skyrim to be shorter.  Its primary purpose is to keep females with heels from towering above males.  No scripts.  It simply modifies vanilla race records.  I also went ahead and fixed the female orc walk so it is feminine, so you don’t need another mod for that.

Requirements:  Skyrim SE

Q:  Will this conflict with other mods that alter the vanilla races?
A:  Yes.  This mod alters vanilla races.  You cannot successfully run two mods that alter vanilla races.  If you’re using a mod that intentionally alters only some of the vanilla races, you should place this mod above it in your load order so the other mod can overrule.  Otherwise, place this mod as low as you can, because many custom follower makers alter a vanilla race when they make their character.

Q:  USSEP compatible?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Will this also make custom follower and NPC females shorter?
A:  Mostly.  Some custom followers and NPCs come with their own races so they can use a custom fighting style or mix racial characteristics.  This mod cannot affect custom races.

Q:  What about female children?
A:  Children have their own race and are thus unchanged.

Q:  Is this safe to install mid-game?
A:  Yes, with caveats.  It will work, but possibly not completely.  NPC height is saved in the game’s cache.  If you save your game in a building with females, or the last two cells you were in had females, installing this mod may not change the height of those females, because they are cached in your game save.  Furthermore, if they were using furniture, especially bartenders, the furniture rescales them to fit.  They could end up somewhere between what this mod wants to do and what the furniture was already doing.  You can resolve it by opening the console, clicking on the NPC, and issuing the command:  SetScale 1.0

Q:  How do I get around the mid-game issues above?
A:  Take your character out into the wilderness, with no females in the prior three cells you explored.  Save your game there, then install this mod.  Or, install when starting a new game and never worry about it.

Q:  Is it safe to uninstall mid-game?
A:  Any mod that alters NPC weight or height runs the risk of leaving some of the changes to NPCs cached inside game saves.  It is the nature of the beast.  Uninstalling won’t break your game, but you might not see every female go back to their vanilla height until a new play-through.

Q:  Furniture problems?
A:  No, the game looks at a character’s current scale and changes it to fit the furniture.

Q:  Can this cause some female NPC bartenders to not quite get their hands on top of the bar?
A:  Yes, if the female NPC was already on the short side and if that female is cached in your game save, bartenders can seem a little too short for their bar counters after installing this mod, unless you start a new game.  Other furniture will be fine.  I don’t personally care because I’m sick of females in heels being taller than my male Nord character.

Q:  Will this conflict with paired animation mods that require the animated characters to be a specific height, such as Flower Girls or OStim?
A:  No.

Q:  Some of the females are really friggin’ short!
A:  Some custom NPCs have their height reduced in their NPC records.  The size of an NPC is determined by a combination of the NPC record and the race record.  So, a custom NPC with a very short NPC record will be even shorter.  However, they shouldn’t be insanely short.  The shortest female is likely to be approximately 85 percent of the height of a Nord male.

Q:  Load order?
A:  Lower is better.

Do not upload this mod to another site without my permission.