No Nake Comments

No Naked Comments Available Here

This is yet another one of my mods removed from Nexus after they warned us they were about to claim perpetual distribution rights to our work.  I’ve now made it available here on Migal3D.

It is extremely simple.  It keeps NPCs from complaining about you not wearing clothes.

Link to Mod Page

Victoria’s High Heel Walk by XP32 is Back On Nexus

Victoria’s High Heel Walk was never my animation.  I converted the work of the great XP32 for Skyrim Special Edition.  So, as I do not own the rights to it and XP32 has not removed his own mods from Nexus, I have no problem re-uploading.

In my opinion, this is by far the best female walk for the game.  It is not too stiff and not too exaggerated.

Nexus Link

Daily Wear is Back On Nexus

Migal’s Daily Wear is back on Nexus after the Great Collections Debacle of 2021.

It is the only armor/clothing set I’ve ever created and released publicly.  It is huge with many pieces and texture sets.  Aside from not allowing people to post it on other websites, no permission was needed to create and post conversations or include it with custom characters.  So, I wasn’t being restrictive about my distribution rights.  As such, I can tolerate it being included in Collections and Nexus claiming permanent distribution rights to Daily Wear.  And, there are three conversions of it on Nexus, two of which require my original download.  It was only fair for me to repost it.

As some of you know, this mod is recognized by BBLS which creates a large array of outfit dialogues for it so you can assign outfits to NPCs, also allowing you to disable the Daily Wear plugin.

Nexus Link