Recent News and Updates

Iona of Migal’s Housecarl Beauties has been updated to return her vanilla FemaleCommander voice.  This makes her compatible with OPrivacy 1.3.

Link to Mod Page

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, so there is other news.  OPrivacy 1.0 dropped on Nexus this morning.

Nexus Link

OPrivacy 1.3 was released today in Patreon early access.  Its feature set is enormous with hundreds of new dialogues and immersive mini-quest features.

Migal’s Patreon

Whether you’re a patron or not,  you should read my Patreon post about upcoming issues caused by Skyrim AE attempting to automatically update your Skyrim SE via steam.  It will break everything if you don’t take steps to keep it from happening.

Migal’s Housecarl Beauties Available Here

And yet another mod I removed from Nexus.  In fact, version 1.0 of this mod was the second mod I created after version 1.0 of BBLS.  The faces were remade a couple of times over the years, but the point remains the same.  No male housecarls.

Link to Mod Page

BBLS Available Here

This mod is the reason I pulled my mods from Nexus.  They did not give me a choice.  Either I pulled every mod, or they claimed permanent rights to it.  BBLS is the most downloaded player home in Nexus history with 2,405,197 downloads between the LE and SE versions.  There are millions of mods on Nexus, so apparently, people really like BBLS.  It is my position that my labor benefitted Nexus greatly in terms of advertising revenue and Premium memberships sold due to BBLS and similar large mods being longer downloads.  I took their attempt to own BBLS without paying me, after I had already made them a lot of money, as an insult.  Because, I may not be smart, but I’m not an idiot.

BBLS will never be on Nexus again.  Its new home is here, on Migal3d.com.  All new updates to BBLS will be available here.  I don’t need endorsements.  I don’t need more huge download numbers.  I just want to retain control of my work.

This is in no way a statement about the way other mod creators handled the Great Nexus Collections Debacle of 2021.  Each of us had reasons for making the decisions we did.  To those who said people like me were whining because we left Nexus, I can only say, thanks for the warm regards.

Link to Mod Page

Migal’s Hearthfires Bards Available Here

This is another one of my mods removed from Nexus after they warned us they were about to claim perpetual distribution rights to our work.  I’ve now made it available here on Migal3D.

It is an NPC beautifier for the Hearthfires bards.  It also turns the male bard into a female.

Link to Mod Page

OHeels Released On Nexus

OHeels 1.0 is available on Nexus.

This mod makes it possible for a female player or NPC to wear heels during the standing kiss animation without the female kissing her partner’s forehead.  It honors the OStim MCM foot slot, so when the heels come off, regular OStim scaling returns.  If the heels come off when the scene starts (Always Strip On Start), the mod does nothing.  If the heels come off mid-scene (Mid-Scene Stripping), regular OStim scaling returns.  If the heels never come off (foot stripping slot disabled), the entire scene plays out scaled for heels.

Nexus Link

Excitable Subs Available on Nexus

Excitable Subs for OStim 1.0 is out of Patreon early access and available on Nexus.

It causes OStim subs to get excited (gain stim bar) by doing, seeing, and feeling things that OStim would not normally consider arousing.  For example, kissing, spanking, providing stimulation to partner, etc.

Nexus Page

OVoice Released On Nexus

OVoice 1.0 is out of early access and available on Nexus!

It causes OStim to use vanilla Skyrim female voices instead of OStim’s default single female voice.

NOTE:  This post is over two years old.  OVoice hasn’t been available anywhere for over a year.