BBLS Available Here

This mod is the reason I pulled my mods from Nexus.  They did not give me a choice.  Either I pulled every mod, or they claimed permanent rights to it.  BBLS is the most downloaded player home in Nexus history with 2,405,197 downloads between the LE and SE versions.  There are millions of mods on Nexus, so apparently, people really like BBLS.  It is my position that my labor benefitted Nexus greatly in terms of advertising revenue and Premium memberships sold due to BBLS and similar large mods being longer downloads.  I took their attempt to own BBLS without paying me, after I had already made them a lot of money, as an insult.  Because, I may not be smart, but I’m not an idiot.

BBLS will never be on Nexus again.  Its new home is here, on  All new updates to BBLS will be available here.  I don’t need endorsements.  I don’t need more huge download numbers.  I just want to retain control of my work.

This is in no way a statement about the way other mod creators handled the Great Nexus Collections Debacle of 2021.  Each of us had reasons for making the decisions we did.  To those who said people like me were whining because we left Nexus, I can only say, thanks for the warm regards.

Link to Mod Page